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    If you'r not familiar with the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail check out our LVRT page for details.  

    We offer bike rentals for the LVRT out of our satellite rental station June through September.  Our rental station is located at the LVRT Cambridge Junction trailhead, 89 Cambridge Junction Road Ext, Jeffersonville.  

    We offer the ideal hybrid style adult comfort bikes, E-bikes, kids bikes, and child trailers for rent daily during the summer months (June - August).  Fall bike rentals are available depending on weather.  It is recommended that anyone interested in fall bike rentals to call the shop to inquire about current hours and availability.  

    Rental Rates
    Adult Hybrid Bikes:  $35 full day (fit riders from 5'ish to 6'+)
             Adult E-bikes:  $85 full day (fit riders from 5'ish to 6'+)
    Kids bikes:  $30 full day (fit riders with inseam from 17-25"ish)
    Trail-A-Bike:  $20 full day (pulls behind any adult bike)
    Child Trailer:  $25 full day (max 2 kids, max 75lbs, pulls behind any adult bike)

    Current Rental Station Hours

     Thursday:  9-11a.m., 3-4pm (closed from 11-3pm)

    Friday:  9-11a.m., 3-4pm (closed from 11-3pm)

    Saturday:  9-11a.m., 3-4pm (closed from 11-3pm)

    Sunday:  9-11a.m., 3-4pm (closed from 11-3pm)



    ***Our rentals are based on a first come first served basis.  We do not take reservations for rentals.  If you are concerned about getting the bikes that you want/need then it is recommended that you arrive when we open at 9a.m.

    ****Please note that due to COVID19 regulations and potential exposure there may be days that the rental station is closed unexpectedly, without notice.   This is out of our control and we apologize should this be necessary.  


    Step Thru E-Bike

    Step Thru E-bike

    Step Over E-bike

    Step Over E-bike

    Hybrid Bike

    Adult Hybrid Bike

    Kids 20" bike

    Kids 20" Bikes

    Kids 24" bike

     Kids 24" bike



    Child Trailer

    Child Trailer (2 kids)