• Wilde Supertramp Custom Build

    All the MUSA bits and a Rohloff to boot!

  • Carhartt Watch Cap 2.0

    Locally Sourced & Custom Embroidered

  • Wilde Rambler Custom Build

    Sparkly blue, 1x12, Herse Knobbies!

  • Dynamo Lights

    Sinewave Beacon, SON Edelux II, B&M!!!

  • Handbuilt Wheels

    MTB, Dynamo, Gravel, ATB Handbuilt Wheels!

  • Surly Grappler

    ATB machine!!!

    Surly Grappler
  • Bottles

    Bottles, Bottles, Bottles

  • Tubolito

    Light and Durable!!!!

  • All The Pedals

    Alloy, composite, flat, clipless.

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