Bicycle Tune-up Menu

We provide a plethora of professional bicycle services from general tune-ups to suspension work and custom wheel builds.  Below is a menu of typical services.  

Level 1 Tune-up/**24" wheel and smaller:  -69/**49-

  • safety check of entire bike
  • fastener and cockpit inspection
  • light cleaning of bike
  • brake and shifting adjustment
  • lubricate chain

Level 2 Tune-up:  -110-

  • everything included in Level 1
  • thorough cleaning of bike
  • light drivetrain cleaning, inspection, and lubrication
  • true wheels

Level 3 Tune-up:  -245-

  • everything included in Level 2
  • clean & grease headset and bottom bracket 
  • deep cleaning of drivetrain components
  • appropriate grease and lubrication of parts
  • new cables and housing (parts additional $)

Level 4 Tune-up:  -345-

  • everything included in Level 3
  • disassembly of bike, thorough clean, inspection, grease, and reassembly
  • suspension pivot disassembly, cleaning, & inspection
  • optimal grease & lubrication of pivots/bearings/hardware
  • all pivots torqued to manufacturers spec (or engineering rules)
  • *bearing/bushing/hardware replacement additional
  • brake bleed front & rear
  • tubeless sealant refresher or tubeless setup (valve stems & tape extra)
  • Add-on:  Dropper Service  -  quote based on model

Level 5 Tune-up:  -425-

  • everything included in Level 4
  • fork 50hr service (lower service, seals/wipers kit extra)
  • shock 50hr service (air can service, seal kit extra)
  • Add-on:  Dropper Service  -  quote based on model

Additional Services:  

  • Fork 50hr lower svc (wiper kit additional)       -49-
  • Shock 50hr can svc (seal kit additional)         -29-
  • Dropper seat post svc                                    -quoted based on model-
  • Cockpit adjustments                                       -15-
  • Hub svc, starting at                                         -15-
  • True Wheel (per wheel)                                    -20-

***We are professionals.  Our work is high quality.  If you're ever dissatisfied with the quality of work or the performance of your two-wheeled machine we are happy to have a conversation about how we can better support you.