Our Story

Matt and Josh met formally during their college years and immediately became close friends, mostly with bicycles being the catalyst.  Now, they co-own and operate Bootlegger Bikes

Matt's passion for these two-wheeled machines began as a child when he took those first pedal strokes and continued as he began racing BMX at Woodward near his hometown in central Pennsylvania.  A fascination with the bicycle progressed as he began wrenching on them as a teenager at a family friends 4th generation bike shop.  This love for bicycles grew into adult life, through his college years, and has evolved into what it is today, keeping people on their bikes and smiling.

Similarly, Josh was infatuated with bicycles from an early age.  Early childhood BMX turned to teenage BMX until mountain bikes made their debut and became quite ubiquitous in the Central PA area in the early 90's.  Josh's connection with bikes grew from just riding them to building them, tweaking them, and fine tuning them.  

Above all else, bicycles are a passion.  That passion coupled with love for the community is what has evolved to be Bootlegger Bikes.