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    Based on feedback from the community we've expanded the service offerings in our St Albans shop to include ski and board grinding & tuning. 

    Our staff experience in ski and board tuning coupled with our investment in high quality grinding equipment enables us to offer these services to the community, with the same standard of quality that has come to be expected of our bicycle services. 

    Pickup/Drop-off any time during normal open hours, St Albans.  

    Service Menu 

    1. JR Tune (140cm or smaller) $40  Belt Grind, Edge, All Temp Wax
    2. Adult Ski Tune - Basic $60  Belt Grind, Edge, All Temp Wax
    3. Adult Ski Tune - Advanced $75 Stone Grind, Edge, All Temp Wax
    4. Base Repair - P Tex $15 Damage less then 4" or Based on Damage
    5. Hot Wax - Single Coat $25 All temp wax or base prep wax
    6. Hot Wax - Two Coats Temp Finish $45 All temp wax/base prep w/ 2nd coat temp specific wax
    7. Side Edge Sharpening Only $20 Angle set to customer's request
    8. Epoxy Repair $20 All epoxy work requires 24hr cure time - no epoxy work is guaranteed*