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    The following section is a compilation of some of our favorite routes.  Each route has a description of the style of riding and the optimal bike & tires.  Each map image is a link to the RideWithGPS route that gives you more detailed route information. 

    2018 GraVelo Loop - 25 miles


    This loop was created as a mixed gravel, pavement, Class 4 loop for our annual "Great GraVelo" event. 

    2018 Tour De Gravel - 20 miles


    This is the "Tour De Gravel" loop developed for the local bike club (BRMBC) as an annual spring event.  The loop is 95% gravel with more spectacular views and phenomenal terrain.

    The Triple - 36 miles


    This is a mixed terrain route that includes rail trail, gravel, class 4, and pavement.